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    Real-Life Angry Birds

    Though you may be a fan of Angry Birds, one of the best phone app games, consider yourself forewarned that the real-life angry birds you’ll find here do not play. These guys are miffed and they’re not shy to tell you about it. So be prepared to get a load of funny bird pictures of […] More

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    Cats That Would Like Some Attention

    While it has been argued over the centuries that cats are notoriously low-maintenance creatures, anyone who has ever had the honor of sharing a home with a feline knows that this should not necessarily be taken at face value. You see, the claim that cats are vastly independent, one now believed by some to have […] More

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    Stunning Photos Of Animals With Heterochromia

    Given the importance we affix to looking someone (or something) else in the eyes, it’s no wonder that heterochromic creatures, or creatures with two different eye colors, are so striking. Though Heterochromia is fairly rare in humans, its occurrence is far higher among animals, especially cats. Take a look! Heterochromia is a genetic trait that, […] More

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    Animals With Utterly Unique, Mesmerizing Eyes

    Animals have plenty of cool attributes, but one of the most striking things about them can be their eyes. Sometimes they use their cool animal eyes as a crazy sixth sense. These close up animal eye photos show you just how cool these animals really are. From mammals to amphibians, these animals use their sense […] More

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    Outrageous Animal Tongues of All Time

    The weirdest animal tongues are ranked here in order of weirdness. Here is a collection of close ups so that you can see the ins and outs of the mouths of mammals and reptiles alike. We’re all familiar with cat tongues being especially special with their hairbrush-like bristles used to clean their bodies. But what […] More

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