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Pesquet’s Parrot also called Dracula Parrot is a real thing

Whenever an ordinary person imagine as parrot, in their mind comes a picture of a bird in green, blue or red feathers. But what you might not know is that the world of the parrots is much more diverse than this. All in all, there are nearly 393 different species of the parrots which differ from each other greatly. There are sulfur crested parrots and then there are the bronze winged parrots. But we are sure that you never have had heard about a parrot species called the Pesquet’s Parrot which is also known by its other name the Dracula parrot.

This is the majestic looking Pesquet’s Parrot which is also called as Dracula Parrot.


These Dracula Parrots are recognizable by their chests of grey and black colors as well as their bright red feathers and pitch black colored beaks.

Charles Davies

These Dracula parrots have short tails which are only 20 inches in length with the average weight being 600 to 800 grams.

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Both the males and females are quite similar in appearance. The major difference in them is that the males of this species have the red patches behind their ears.

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They are not like the ordinary parrots that climb from one branch to another one but instead they move around by jumping.

These birds can only be located in the New Guinea’s mountains.

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Another amazing fact about the Dracula parrot is that it is among the only 3 parrot species that are do not have feathers on their face.

Rüdiger Stehn

They are the native of New Guinea.


Unfortunately these different looking majestic parrots have now become a major target of the poachers along with the loss of their habitats. These reasons have led to a sharp decline in their population.

The difference between the females and males of this species is the red dots present behind the ears.


The birds are mostly hunted because of their feathers which are normally used for making the ceremonial dresses and used for meat as well.


In the recent years, Dracula Parrots have been placed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as Vulnerable.

Linda De Volder

This is the video of the Dracula Parrot in its natural habitat.

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