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Dog Mom Helps Doggo Daughter Move The Giant Stick

Harper is a loving doggo daughter who has learned everything she knows from her dog mom Willow. But still, Harper, who is 2 years old, has some things that she needs to learn from her master.

As for Willow, she is more than happy enough to help whenever her doggo daughter needs her help if she encounters anything that is more than her paws can handle.

The owner of the 2 dogs named Tanya said, “Harper and Willow spend the entire time being close to each other and Willow has taught Harper many things. It is really cute to see Harper do what her dog mom has taught her.”


Quite recently, this daughter’s mother dog duo was playing at the local park when Harper came upon a large branch of a tree that was lying down by the side of the park’s trail. It seemed that Harper could not let herself be to leave that branch behind so she started trying to get it.

Harper was able to lift that long tree branch at first but then she was tuck as she walked behind the 2 posts at the path. Willow was seeing Harper and as she saw Harper stuck and dropping the stick, she immediately ran toward Harper to give her a helping paw.


It seemed that Willow being a good mom was not willing to let Harper give up on that goal by leaving the stick behind.  After all, Willow had been the one who had taught Harper before on how to carry big sticks.

Tanya said, “Both of them have determined personalities and they are always very proud when they do something together. They then proceeded to carry that big stick for 1 kilometer around the 5 kilometers long park.”

Watch the cute video of Mother-Daughter doggo duo putting their mind into carrying the big stick.

The dog mo helped her doggo daughter carry the stick for sharing the weight and to move through the posts in their path. The 2 of them then trotted off in happiness while they held the stick in their mouths.

Harper knows that if she finds herself in any other difficult situation, she can rely on Willow to help her out.

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