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This Donkey Acts Like A Dog After He Sees His Dad Come Back Home

Today we want to introduce you to Walter, a cute donkey who only wants to feel fit in.

Walter grew up at a home with 3 German shepherd dogs as his siblings and living with them, this little donkey picked up a few of their habits. Still, his parents love him the adorable way he is now.

Walter was just a baby when his owners named Brad and Kelly Blake took him in the town of Oatman, Arizona. Brad said, “We have the wild burrows around our town that roam about the area. Walter was rejected by his mama because he was very young. The Bureau of Land Management as well as the town’s people tired for about 10 hours so that Walter’s mama would take him back but nothing seemed to work. So then we were called upon the scene and were asked that if we would lie to adopt this young donkey. Of course, we immediately said, Yes.”

It was not long before Walter got familiar with his new surroundings and his family. From the very moment, his new family showed him the affection he was looking for, Walter seemed to make a bond with his new family and especially with his new dad.

Now this donkey which was once very sick has now grown into a 150 pounds adult donkey that lives at the Blake residence as if he is also one of the many dogs living there. If Walter is looking for help, he can turn to his brothers and sisters for help.

Blake said, “We own 3 German shepherd dogs and they all took Walter in from the first day. They have helped us raise Walter and also teach him all the manners around the house.”

As a result of this, Walter has also taken the behavior of his siblings. This dog-like personality of Walter comes alive especially when his dad arrives at the home from his business trips.

As soon as Blake is seen by Walter, he comes to him running in excitement. He nuzzles at his dad and then wags his tail in happiness.

Blake said, “Walter acts as if he is the real dog. He not only wags his tail but also gets super excited when I come home. He then hops and brushes his big body against me in love. He often lays beside me on the couch for taking his afternoon naps.”

Below is one of the videos which shows Walter’s happy reunion with his parents.

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