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A Wild Elk Comes To Visit His Best Dog Friend For Many Years

There is not much to be seen here that can be called common between this wild Elk and this pet dog living at a farm. However, they have become a happy pair of friends that have the unlikeliest of friendships between them. This friendship is all because of the shared sense of fun they have.


For the last few years; right about the wintertime, a herd of the wild elks has been seen visiting this property of an officer of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. One member of this herd comes to visit the officer’s pet dog named Trugge. While seeing these elks is a sight to behold, Trugge does just more than simply watching these elks.

From the very start, this friendly dog has managed to strike an unusual friendship with the leader of the herd, which is a large-sized Bull Elk.  It was not long before both of these animals invented a game for themselves to play.

Below is the video during one of the latest visits from the Elk.

The herd of elk looks on to their leaders and his friend, a dog, engages in what is basically their own version for the game of tag as they both chase each other back and forth along the property’s fence line.

The rules of this game are not written but of course, this dog and elk respect each other that their interaction with each other is not only fun but also a safe one.

The spokesperson for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife named Bill Vogrin said, “Both of them never seem to get aggressive with each other. That bull elk can easily jump off the fence line and into the yard of the property if he sees fit. But both of them keep their distance from each other across that fence line.”

We do hope that this friendship is going to remain steadfast for many more years to come.

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