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    These Pets Are Basically Clones of Their Owners

    Have you ever been walking down the street, only to find yourself fighting to restrain your laughter when you spy a lady who looks just like the pug she’s walking? Or perhaps people are always telling you that you and your cat bear a striking resemblance to one another, though you’ve never been able to […] More

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    Adorable Before-And-After Photos Of Dogs And Their Owners Growing Together

    Growing up with a dog is truly amazing, especially when the bond between the human and the pooch extends through childhood to adolescence and adulthood. These four-legged friends have always been there for you: your first day at school, first heartbreak, applying to college… We have created the most heartwarming before-and-after pictures showing people with […] More

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    Vibrant Rainbow Animals That Really Exist

    This vibrant collection of pictures of colorful animals just might tickle you pink (or any other color that matches your outfit). Though unicorns and jackalopes only exist in fiction, rainbow animals exist on land, under rocks, and deep within the ocean. From fish, to birds, to frogs, these colorful animal photos make nature seem even […] More

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    Animals With Eerily Human Physical Characteristics

    Hate to break it to you, humans, but you’ve got some animal imposters on the loose. Whether it’s a balding chimp posing as Justin Bieber or a happy puppy looking like a stoned teenager, animals impersonating humans are taking over the Internet. Yes, it may be funny to see a fish that spent too much […] More

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