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Odin; The Rescue Dog Who Was Kept Chained Up His Entire Life Now Looks Totally Different

Meet Odin, who is a rescue dog that was rescued back in October from a group of breeders that had completely neglected his health along with several other neglected dogs. Odin was kept neglected with a chain around his neck. When his rescuers from the ‘Southern Pines Animal Shelter” picked him up; he was in very bad condition. They knew that he was to be sent to a vet and after that to a loving foster home.



When Sydney Schelkopf, Odin’s foster mom saw him, she could not believe what she saw. He was barely anything like the Alaskan Malamute that he was.

Sydney Schelkopf said to media, “Odin looked as if he had come from a nightmare. He was shriveled down to bones and his fur was gone. His body was covered in wounds and he had many broken and some cracked teeth. A putrid smell was originating from him and his skin had suffered from a horrible infection.”



After arriving at his foster home, Odin was confused and did not know what to do and how to act. It seemed as if he had never been allowed to be a dog.



His foster mom Sydney Schelkopf started showing him affection and Odin slowly came to understand that there was no catch to her affection and love. He was eternally grateful for her foster mom’s love and care.



At first Sydney Schelkopf was planning to foster Odin but by then Odin had already found himself a foster home. He was not leaving Sydney Schelkopf to go anywhere else.



After being adopted by Sydney Schelkopf, the next thing was Odin’s health. His health was in a mess when he first arrived at Sydney Schelkopf but with love, care, and proper treatment, his health began to transform for better.



He soon looked like the Alaskan Malamute dog he was truly meant to be.



His new family is still living their all to make Odin feel comfortable and son he will be as happy as any other dog.

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