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Puppy Visits The Salon And Gets A Hair Treatment With His Mom

A woman named Brittney Taylor was at the Gibson Hair & Makeup salon located in Charleston, South Carolina for getting her hairs done and she could not resist telling the stylist there named Michelle Atwood about her pet puppy named Luka. From the moment Luka joined Taylor’s family, that little pup had been the constant source of joy for his family. This is why Taylor finds it difficult to refrain herself from sharing the cute stories to everyone about her puppy.

Taylor said, “We have 2 other pet dogs but Luka is the funniest of them all. He is also the loudest of them all and is also the silliest too. When we come home after being out for too long, he starts to squeal as if a little pig and then makes us squeeze him with love for a full 5 minutes before he calms down. He is extremely playful and he loves to cuddle near my face.”



After hearing all the cute stories about Luka, Atwood knew in her heart that she needs to meet Luka so she asked Taylor to bring the dog with her next time she visits the salon. Taylor agreed and on the next visit to that salon, she brought with her Luka. Everyone who was there that day at the salon was delighted to see the cute puppy.

At first, Luka seemed a little impatient as he watched his mom get her hairs done but after a little, while he got relaxed and settled in. everyone there loved hanging out with Luka and they started giving him lots of attention that he was waiting to receive.



Taylor said, “When he first got to the salon, he was a little hyper but after about half an hour, he was relaxed and took a nap for about 45 minutes. Everyone at the salon loved him being there and many offered to babysit him while I had my hair appointment. He is such a good boy.”

After Taylor had her hair done, Atwood came with a great idea and she decided with Taylor that it was Luka’s turn to be in the chair. Luka was already looking really cute so they only pretended to cut his hair. However, everyone was having fun watching him put on a cape and pose in the chair for getting his hair done.

Taylor said, “I think he sat still because he was still feeling a little sleepy. He was very curious as to what was happening and he acted like a really good boy.”

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