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These animals look way more terrifying when they are hairless

As a note of caution; the pictures of the hairless animals that you are going to watch now can never be unseen from this point on. This list of hairless animals contains pictures of not only terrifying or creepiest animals but also some of the funniest pictures of the hairless animals that you can ever hope to find on web. For those who are not freaked easily as compared to others; have you ever wonders what might your favorite animals or birds look like if they are without fur or hairs? If you have then this list is definitely for you as you have come to the right place. This list will finally provide you with truth as to how do a hairless kitten look like or how much do hairs add to appeal of an ordinary dog. Here you’ll see the animals which were actually cute but now hairless are ugly as hell that seems to come from worst of nightmares. For those who are prepared to see what is the underside of the animals without their furs and feathers look like; then see the following pictures to have a little something for your nightmares.

A poor hairless baboon was caught on camera roaming alone in Africa

Will you believe that this is a real bear? This bear had a sudden hair fall while living in a zoo at Germany

If you have ever seen the famous cartoon “Kim Possible” you will recognize him to be Roofus the “Naked Mole Rat”.

This is a real living 35 year old parrot named Oscar; fate has not been kind to him

Israeli Researcher found a way of selective breeding Hairless chicken

A hairless Raccoon suffering from fungal infection

This is one of the only 34 selectively bred hairless Baby Echidna

Caterpillar is both bald and albino by nature

This chimp suffers from a condition called Alopecia; this causes hair loss in chimps

Syrian hamster born hairless due to a special gene

This rabbit actually grew fur as it got older since being born back in 2009

Hairless Hedgehog born at rescue shelter

This hairless wonder won the title of being the “World’s Ugliest Dog”

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