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An Orca Stuck In Rocks Was Crying For Hours, A Group Of Beach Goers Saves Him

The orca Whales are one of the majestic creatures on God’s green earth. They are the sea mammals which also happen to be the largest member of the dolphin family and are extremely adaptable to their living conditions and are really intelligent. These orca whales can also communicate with each other for hunting in packs for the better hunting experience.

It is needless to mention but they happen to one of the least friendly of the sea mammals and for humans, it is best if they maintain a safe distance from these Orcas.


But when humans spotted an orca which was in a desperate condition and was in need of immediate help, the people in the video below decided to get close and help that poor orca. The incident in the recorded video below took place off the British Columbia’s coast. The orca has somehow got stranded on the series of rocks when it might have been trying to look for food.

As for the people who helped that poor orcas were all the volunteers who somehow come to know that there was an orca stuck at the beach that is need of the help from a Facebook post. Those people, after learning of the orca’s desperate and dire situation mobilized themselves really quickly and arrived at the scene of the incident. They were able to free the orca with some difficulty and the animal was not injured during this rescue operation. As the sources claim, the orca had been stuck there for quite some time and had been crying for many hours before someone posted the news on social media. Luckily for this Orca, these kind-hearted rescuers got wind of the news and helped rescue it.

Watch the video of the Orca’s rescue in the video below.

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