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Adorable Cat Takes Her Favorite Plush Toys With Her On A little Adventure

Say hello to Pixie, an adorable Tuxedo cat.


This 12 years old cat lives in the UK with her owner Beth Wilson. Pixie is a cat who not only loves her mom Beth Wilson but she is also a sweet soul who equally loves the inanimate objects as well.


Like all cats, Pixie is also curious by nature and loves to do exploring whether it is indoors or outdoors. Whatever it is around the house or outside the house, Pixie has her eye ready to spot it. And now it seems as if Pixie wants to share this spirit of adventure in her personality with her favorite plush toys as well.

For example, when Pixie is enjoying  nice ‘lie on her back’ day time nap in the garden, she makes sure that one of her plush toy gang members also share the same experience as her by bringing it there.


On other occasions, when Pixie is into something that is a little more fun than lying on the back, she again makes sure that she brings one of her toys with her too.


Wilson says, “If I catch her playing with her toys, then she immediately stops playing with them and puts them down.” Still, whenever Wilson is lucky, she manages to take one or two pictures of Pixie with her Plush toys.


Wilson said, “In summer, she usually likes to take them into the garden. Usually, she takes them on a tour and then takes them back inside the house. Sometimes she leaves them behind in the greenhouse. If I place a blanket on the grass, she sits on it and plays with her toys.”

When the weather gets chilly, this does not mean that Pixie’s playtime with her plush toys is over. Wilson said, “In winter, she takes her toys on around the house trip. She often takes them to several rooms.”


Once every week, when the house cleaner comes, Pixie likes to show off her plush toys and how conscientious she is with them.


Wilson said, “She puts back all of her toys nearly in her toy box but as soon as the cleaner goes away, she takes them out of the box and spreads them around the house.


Wilson said, “I got Pixie as a newborn kitten 12 years ago. She has changed my life. She even tries to take care of me whenever I am in a bad mood but she always knows how to cheer me up.”


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