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Jason Gasparik; A Man Finds A Lost Dog And Goes Out Of the Way To Reunite It With His Owner

A man named Jason Gasparik was driving to his home after a party at his friend last week when he suddenly saw something at the end of a busy street. The thing actually compelled him to stop the car at the side.

Jason Gasparik told media, “I noticed a car stopping at the road and someone came out of the car and started running on the grass median. I then noticed a dog, who was later known to be Roxy, running in circles all confused and scared.”

Jason Gasparik also joined the chase but the chocolate colored Labrador was not willing to let anyone near her. A police officer and another concerned driver also joined in on the chase to get the dog to safety. However, nothing, not even a tasty treat could tempt the dog to safety.

After nearly an hour, Jason Gasparik came upon an idea he said, “I thought that if I start running mildly like jogging she would eventually follow me. I decided to run a few laps and she joined me. After a few laps of the parking lot, the dog got tired and laid down. As she lay down, I grabbed hold of her neck scruff.”



Jason Gasparik took the dog to a vet’s clinic at nearly 12 pm of the night. A scan revealed a chip but the ID number was not to a registered owner. Jason Gasparik knew that very moment that he had to be creative in order for reuniting Roxy and her lost family.



Jason Gasparik came home and created a spot on Facebook along with a service named PawBoost, which helps to expand such Facebook posts.

As for Roxy, she was only caring about the snuggles. Jason Gasparik said, “The first night I brought Roxy home, she came up on my bed and lay on top of me, licking my face. While she was excited, she was also very scared and confused.”



The next morning Jason Gasparik decided to find Roxy’s owner the old fashioned way; Poster Signs.

He said, “I made a sign and attach it to a pole and decided to stand around at the corner. I felt like a complete fool as I was doing it. I almost turned around but held on to the plan.”



Jason Gasparik did not back down even after standing on the spot for a few hours each day. He hoped that one of the passing drivers would recognize Roxy.

Soon more and more people started getting out of their cars each day and started taking photos and videos of the signs and even chatted with him.



With soon a business trip coming his way, v knew that he only had little time left before he has to let go of this way to help Roxy as well.

However, luckily on Sunday morning as he was standing outside, he got a message from a lady next-door that a man who happens to be Roxy’s owner had been looking for her few miles ahead.

The name of Roxy’s owner was Ed and they scheduled to meet each other with the help of the old lady.



As soon as Ed’s truck came to the meeting place, he shouted Roxy Girl and Roxy immediately recognized Ed. Ed said that he is very thankful to Jason Gasparik for letting him and his dog reunite.



Jason Gasparik still checked all the paperwork Ed brought with him to make sure that if Ed was really Roxy’s owner.

Everything confirmed and Gasparik is happy that Roxy has finally found her real owner.

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