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A random factory worker suddenly spots a trapped cat’s face

This week a cat was stuck in between scrap metal, an inventory of large trash bins of a huge factory and he definitely did not belong there.

Thankfully for this cat, it was spotted by an employee of the factory who suddenly saw the cat stuck in an awkward and disturbing manner.


Anyone would have been startled to see the head of a cat stuck in a bizarre manner out of the corner of a large trash can.

One person who saw the story on the social media called the picture appropriately as “It seems as if it is a sticker on the trash can”.

While the initial photo presents it really to be a sticker, another picture tells the whole another disturbing side of the story. The picture shows that the head of the cat is actually attached to a living body of a full fledged cat and she desperately needed help in order to be saved from this predicament.


While rescuing the cat was an urgent task, it still was not an easy one.


The worker of the factory called on tot eh RSPCA Victoria and the inspector who attended the call was Maree. As soon as she heard the call, she arrived on the scene. RSPCA wrote on their Facebook page, “After establishing that no amount of lubrication can help the cat to be freed from her situation, our inspector Maree knew that cat needed extra help.”

That is when the local fire department came into play with their much-needed piece of machinery. The brought a small angle metal grinder and after an hour of hard work, they were finally able to cut the pipe in half.


The cat was rescued and has been named as Piper and was clearly shaken by this whole ordeal.


After getting proper cleanup, Piper was wrapped in some warm towels.

After getting checked by the vet and receiving some treatment, Piper is doing just fine at a loving foster home where she regains her weight.


With it being Kitten season, Piper will be waiting with hundreds of other stray cats who look for their forever home.

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