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Police Officer Saves Two Kittens and They Could Not Stop Cuddling With Him

In Texas, after two police officers were done dealing with a shoplifting call from a local store, they received a call to help two poor tiny kittens that were stuck underneath a car in the same store’s parking lot. Being concerned about the safety of kittens, police officer quickly went there to check on them and heard weak meowing sounds emanating from underneath the car.

Jesse Minton of the Arlington Police Department told media, “Police officers found the kittens stowed away in the bumper of the car where their mother had most likely placed them for safety or some other reason. As for the owner of the car, she did not own a cat and had no earthly idea as to where and how did the cat placed her kitten.”

After figuring out the whole situation, Officer Joe Bob Adkins started to rescue the kittens.


He went underneath the car carefully and was able to remove these confused little kittens very gently.


After taking them out, Officer Bob Adkins took them back to his car as he was holding them close to himself to make them feel safe and loved. As it happens to be, kittens could not get enough of his love and they started cuddling him back. They curled up on his chest in the cutest way possible.


From there, officers took the kittens to a vet for being checked who told them that they were 6 weeks old and were in good health. Assuming that the kittens had been under the car for no one knows how long, they would be hungry.  So the officer fed these kittens a little baby formula with a tiny milk bottle as they fell more and more in love with them.


The more time Officer Adkins spent with kittens, the more he grew in love with them and decided to adopt them.

Minton said, “Joe pans to name them as TJ and Max.”


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