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Horse Swallowed Got Stuck In A Sinkhole Is Happy After Being Rescued

Meet this old horse named Copper who is happy to be alive. This is a big thing for him when considering the big thing about the unlucky situation where he found himself stuck for nearly 1 week.


Copper at some point in time was hanging around in the pasture of the Kittitas County of Washington when suddenly the ground beneath his hooves gave out and that very moment the horse found himself stranded insider a 15 feet deep sinkhole.

From a distance, it seemed as if Copper has suddenly vanished out of sight. However, luckily for Copper, his owner saw him getting dumped in the sinkhole and called for help immediately.


Soon the Fire District no. 7 of the Kittitas County came for help and also called along a local excavation team to assist in the rescue of Copper the horse. Copper vet named Dr. Sam Taylor also came on the scene to make sure the horse was safe during his entire excavation rescue.

At one point, Dr. Sam also descended deep into the sinkhole to give Copper a sedative to keep him calm during the rescue.


Instead of hoisting the horse out of the hole, rescuers decided to dig out a trench for the horse to walk out on his own.

A board was placed for the horse at the opening of the trench to let Copper walk out easily.


After 2 hours of hard work, the efforts of the rescuers paid off.

Below is the video of the moment when Copper finally walked out of the hole free easily. Instead of his earlier state of being shaken, he was very much happy to be alive.

His doctor found him to be in good health but he was still cold and dehydrated. Rescuers were not the only one to be happy about Copper being safe. His little herd, after seeing him came to him as soon as he came out to check on him. It was an amazing sight.

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