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Everyone’s having a hard time spotting the Big Cat in this picture; Can you spot it?

Never would have anyone ever thought that spotting one of the most striking and famed animals in a picture would be so hard.

However, recently a picture from a wildlife photographer named Saurabh Desai has left people struggling hard as they try to spot the creature in his photo. Desai took a picture in the Spit Valley located in the Northern part of India. The picture at its first glance looks to be an ordinary one presenting a simple landscape of a crag covered with some snow. However, there is more to this picture then meets the eye.

As it happens to be, Desai was at the place for the sake of photographing the elusive Snow Leopard, a cat which is native of this region. The cat has amazing camouflaging skills due to its fur that makes it possible for it to completely blend in and to become nearly invisible in the landscape.

So now the big question, Can You Spot The Cat?

If you are trying to find the big cat and have failed to do so even after quite some time, then do not feel bad. You are not the only one who has failed to do so.

Even the natives of the region who have named this cat as “Shan” had a hard time in finding this cat from the ordinary looking landscape picture despite it hiding in plain sight.

Desai told media, “I wanted to capture a picture of this creature in a manner the people have been describing it in the local area. The native told me that they often do not spot Shan but Shan is always keeping an eye on them”.

Well here is a little hint for our readers who are still puzzled. Can you find him now?

Yes, the whole time you were struggling to find him, he was looking at you the whole time.

Well, Shan is hard to spot; other snow leopards are not that hard to spot in Desai’s other photographs.

Spotting a Snow Leopard family is a hard task but Desai says that taking the picture makes it all the worthwhile.

Desai said, “I have spent nearly 3 years of my life in searching this cat and when I finally found it from so close, I was truly speechless at its beauty.”

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