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Tulip, the cat who won’t stop smiling after he was rescued

Meet Tulip, the cat who had to suffer countless troubles and mishaps in life before this 10 months old kitten was rescued and now she celebrates every day of her new life with a big smile.

Tulip was found by her rescuers on the streets as a stray cat in Ontario, Canada. The kitten was taken in by the local rescue shelter when he was only 2 months old. At the time of her rescue, Tulip was suffering from a nasty eye infection but her spirit of life was high as she smiled for the camera taking her pictures. Little did Tulip knew at the time that the little smiling picture would be the reason that she would be able to find herself a forever loving home.



Tulip’s new owners; Jen and her husband Chris were looking for months for a new pet in their house mainly for their pet cat Pinecone. This is when their eyes saw the smiling pictures of Tulip. Jen said, “Tulip’s cute little smile in her advertisement picture from the shelter was the one that drew us in.”

The couple immediately submitted for an adoption application for the unseen cat and their application was approved. When they went to the shelter for meeting her, they could not believe their eyes that the cat was still smiling even after living in a shelter. Jen said, “The moment we saw her, we instantly fell in love with her for both her looks and her amazing personality.”



Even after they brought the little cat home, she was still smiling at them continuously.

Jen said, “At first when we saw her grin, we thought that shelter took it for the advertisement photo but even after coming home, she was still smiling as we took countless pictures of her. That is when we realized that we have hit the curtness jackpot. Her smile is ever present on her face and it never gets too old to see.”



Even despite suffering from various illnesses, the Tuxedo fur cat smiled at her parents as if she is saying to them that everything is going to be alright.



Now Tulip is all healthy and is living very comfortably in her new home. She loves to play fetch along with carrying her toys all around the house and hanging in front of the fish tank. She also loves to annoy her elder brother Pinecone too but loves him very much.



Jen n said, “She is truly like a Tulip, always blossoming.”

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