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Shelter Obsessed With His Food Bowl, Refuses To Be Adopted Without It

Meet Oliver, a rescued dog who was found by the rescue shelter after he refused to leave the backyard of a family located in Memphis, Tennessee. Animal control would go there to catch him but every time they got close to the dog, he would jump over the fence and run away. Finally, after placing a humane trap, they were able to collect him and brought him to the Memphis Animal Services.

Everyone after knowing Oliver knew that he would surely find himself a home soon. He was a very smart dog who loved to eat food and various other treats. He was smart enough to know that if he behaves well, he would be showered with those tasty treats.


Community engagement specialist at Memphis Animal Services named Katie Pemberton said, “The very first day I met Oliver, he came and sat straight in front of me even before I showed him any treats. Then surely as I brought out the treats, he was more eager to sit obediently for having them. With time we got to know each other more and more often would he press himself to the bars of his kennel so I would pet him.”


Pemberton said, “One night our field supervisor noticed him with Oliver holding his food bowl in his mouth. His cute trick towards the personnel was effective as he gave Oliver some more food than usual. After a few times he made it a permanent habit and had his bowl in the mouth quite often.”


The entire time, Oliver was at the shelter, he had his food bowl in his mouth and staff saw it as insanely cute. They would take pictures of him and post it over social media so that the rest of the world could also fall in love with him.


His bowl obsession got him noticed as adoption applications came flooding in and finally his forever family also came.

On April 16th of last month, Oliver was adopted by his forever family and was taken home. Oliver was overjoyed to see that his food bowl was also coming with him.


Thanks to this cute habit of Oliver, he now has a loving home where he won’t ever go hungry again.

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