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A guy sees security camera footage of his girlfriend and dog spending the night when he is not home

It was not so long ago when a guy named Jose Perez had to leave for work to another city for a short while. He left home his girlfriend and his living dog named Nina.

This is the picture of the trio together at a restaurant. However, Perez recently found out that while he was away, his girlfriend and his dog were not actually wallowing in his absence.


Perez and his girlfriend set up a security camera in their place which was there to mostly keep a look on their dog. The camera also sends out a signal if there is a motion detected sometime along midnight. This was what exactly happened one fine night.

Perez said, “I was just about to sleep when I got an intruder alert on my phone while I was away on the business.”

As it turned out, there was actually no intruder. This camera had been triggered by none other than Perez’s girlfriend who had come home late from work. He let it go but then overcame with curiosity to see his dog and his girlfriend as to what they were doing at this time. He gained access to the security camera wirelessly to see what was happening on his phone. That is when he learned the truth.

As it happens to be, there was a midnight dance party going on at his house.

Perez’s girlfriend and Nina were having the time of their life. Still, Perez was not all saddened by the fact that he was not being missed by the family. Instead, he said, “Seeing them this way, made my night.”


Perez also admitted that he had been like a third wheel in the lovely relationship between Nina and his girlfriend. Perez finally made it back to his loving family once more.

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