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Dog Got Ambitious On The Graduation Ceremony As He Claimed a Grad Student’s Diploma As His Own

Four years to get your own graduation diploma? Who got such a long time?

Well, this dog seems to not have that much long time. He prefers to steal a diploma than to study for it.

Pitbull Dog

On Friday of last week, there was a graduation ceremony held at the University of Puerto Rico located in Mayaguez. One of the students who received their diploma that day was Cristina Ruiz but she had never known in her wildest imagination that someone was planning on stealing her academic achievements.

After the ceremony needed, Ruiz in hopes to take a picture with a dog named Tarzan got on her knees. The dog, seeing the diploma so close to his reach decided to avoid paying such an exorbitant amount of tuition fees and the long study hours to just get one by stealing it from Ruiz.

Below is the video of that moment when Tarzan pounced at the diploma.

Ruiz’s brother Enrique said, “We were not only surprised but super shocked at this. It was so unexpected.”

As for Ruiz, was she feeling upset about it? We don’t think so.

damaged Diploma Degree

As it happens to be, Tarzan is kind of a celebrity at the campus because he is the mascot of school and everyone at the university adores him.

A giant statue of Tarzan is also present on the University premises.

Ruiz thinks that the dog stealing her diploma for a short while has actually made it a little more special and everyone seems to agree with her.

Enrique said, “Everybody now says that my sister has a unique diploma now that has been signed by school mascot. My sister was very excited for her diploma and now those bite marks are just cherry on top of it.”

Demage Degee with their Owner

Ruiz also took a picture where she recreated the scene with the giant statue of Tarzan on the school grounds.

a picture where Girl recreated the scene with the giant statue of Tarzan

Well, one person did not come out winning anything and it was of course Tarzan. Looks like Tarzan has got to study hard and pay for the dues for getting his diploma.

Students Takes Picture with Tarzan

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