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Police dog meets McGruff the Crime Dog in real life and is overjoyed to see him

How many of you remember from your childhood a fictional character named McGruff the Crime Dog who used to wear a trench coat and acted like a Police Dog and told you to stay out of the trouble?

As it happens to be, McGruff the Crime Dog is still around and he recently met with one of his biggest fans out in the public.


Earlier this weekend, a man named Greg Padden was walking down the metro station located in New York City when he came upon a very cute and adorable looking scene. A group of cops was assembled at the station where they were hosting a session of meet & greet with the public. And as the main attraction of the event, McGruff the Crime Dog was also there.

It was clear that he was there as an attraction of appeal for the children but actually, there was another fan of McGruff the Crime Dog and that too was one of his colleagues. This fan was the K9 officer who became immensely overjoyed to see his hero in real life.

Below is the video of the moment when McGruff the Crime Dog and the K9 fan had the sweetest encounter with each other.

While the K9 officer was on duty, his superiors were not bothered by his little moment that broke the decorum.


Well, it was a special day for the pup as it never happens when we get to meet our heroes.

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