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Louis, the Grumpy Cat is becoming a social media star with his ‘angry expressions’

Do not be puzzled by this cat’s expressions, he is actually a sweetheart. The name of this cat is Louis who is 6 years old and is of the Persian breed. He has been blessed with a perma-frown since he was just a little kitten.

His frown has actually helped him become a social media star.

While there had been many grumpy cats on Instagram, this has not stopped Louis from getting his own fan base.


Michelle Alexis, mom of Louis says, “Louis with his flat and downturned mouth along with his yellow eyes seems like an old man.” However, Louis’s personality is totally opposite of his looks.

Michelle Alexis says, “Louis is being referred to as the new grumpy cat on the internet. In reality, he is a sweetheart that is always happy and loves to play around. He likes to snuggle with me all the time and loves getting head rubs. He, like any other cat, loves to chase laser light and plays with his toys.”

Louis has a long fur coat that needs often grooming and combing ad occasionally a lion cut as well. He also owns his own wardrobe filled with sweaters and various shirts to keep him warm when his fur is being trimmed down.

Louis and Alexis live in Austin, Texas and they also love to go on the outdoor adventures with each other. On their adventures, they also have another companion which is Louis’s young sister named Monae.

Monae joined Louis and Alexis as their new family member back in 2015 after she was rescued by a rescue shelter just so she could torment her elder brother.

Now, fortunately, both of them have grown to be best friends and love to spend time hanging down the foot of their mother’s bed.

As for Louis, his fan base is steadily growing with him having over 4000 followers on his Instagram account.

While the original Grumpy Cat can never be replaced, Louis will try his best to fill the void in his stead.

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