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College Guy Gets A Magical Visit From A Yellow Butterfly

A college guy named Cole Shinsky had to bear the loss of his beloved mom 9 years ago. However, the one thing that his mother said to him, stuck to him.

Shinsky wrote on his Twitter account, “My mom mentioned that one day she would become a little yellow butterfly.”

Shinsky, who is a college student and also a baseball pitcher of his college team, had to go through a lot of problems in his life; from having trouble with his shoulder to him potentially switching the school. He was in need of someone to tell him that it was all going to be alright. He needed someone like his mother.

Then on this Mother’s Day, something magical and most unexpected thing happened to him when he got an unexpected visitor. The visitor came just in time when he needed someone the most.

Shinsky wrote, “I was fishing off the dock at my aunt’s house when he started to walk toward me with her hands cupped and said, “guess, who came to visit you?”

At, first Shinsky was unable to guess as to what his aunt was holding as she had tears in her eyes.

She then opened her alms and there in her hand was small yellow colored butterfly.

Shinsky said, “The butterfly seemed to be clearly OK with being held like that. Then my aunt handed her to me.”

Shinsky then proceeded to come into the room with the butterfly sitting upon his hand.

Shinsky said, “After I sat down, she started to walk her way up to my arm then she sat on my left shoulder for a few minutes. After that I walked outside.”

Shinsky felt the significance of the butterfly sitting upon his left arm which also happens to be his pitching arm.

Shinsky wrote, “This is incredible. For the last 9 years, I have been mesmerized to see a yellow butterfly but never have I ever seen one from this much closer.”

Shinsky said, “I think she has come especially for me as I am going through rough times.  She came just to let me know that she is still here with me.”

After a few minutes of staying with Shinsky, the butterfly flew away.

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