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A stray Cat Comes into the Church and Receives Praise From Worshippers

Meet a cat named Junior, a stray cat with handsome looks that one day got inside a parish located in Brazil and decided that he would never leave from there.

It seems that this cat seems to think of itself as a kind of big deal.

 cat seems to think of itself as a kind of big deal.

No one is aware as to where did Junior came from but one thing is clear that he thinks that this parish located in the town of Brazil named Atibaia is the new home for him and the cat thinks that this is a pretty big deal of him to be living in this parish.

Well, the thing is that the Junior believes that the people he grants with his presence at the parish are blessed. This is the photo of Lucky donating the shelf to the parish in their donation basket.

Rescued Cat Taking Rest at donation basket

If Junior thinks that he is something very special to this parish than there is a good reason for it.

The reason for that is that after he came to live in this parish, the parish itself saw an increase in worshippers who started to come in rows on a regular basis and would sing praises. Junior thinks that all of those signing and praises are directed towards him. I mean why else would he be so infatuated with himself right.

The São Sebastião Parish wrote, “The cat also never fails to grace is followers with his presence. He always meets the mass.”

cat also never fails to grace

During the sermons and services, Junior just roams around the aisle and likes to sit in any one’s lap for a few minutes as if he is blessing them.

One day Junior did something really out of the box as he took both the center and front.

In between the pastor’s sermon, Junior played it really cool.

Cat Cleans their Paws Beside pastor’s sermon

While Junior’s trust might be misguided as to why all these people show up here for, he still thinks that all of them love him and he does not require lip service from them.

Cat Looks Towards Pastor’s Sermon

It is not just that the people inside the church have taken a liking to him; Junior is now getting noticed outside as well.

Cat Looks very Cute

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