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Dog Adopts the Orphaned Foal And Now He Won’t Let Him Sleep Alone

A foal named Tye was 9 days old when his mother died. However, on the very same night his mother died, he also got a new yet unexpected friend which was a cattle dog of Australian breed named Zip.

Zip’s owner, Karla Swindle said, “Zip has never shown interest in other horses or their foals. We raise foals every year but he would just look at them form the door.”

But back in March this year, the 5-year-old Zip was aware that he was needed by someone.

Cattle Dog taking Rest with Foal

Mother of Tye, after giving birth to him got sick and despite undergoing treatment she could not survive. During the time when Tye’s mom was at her worst, Swindle was with her and surely Zip was alongside her master as well.

Swindle said, “I spent that night at the barn taking care of the horse hoping that she would be able to pull through. As for Zip, he also stayed with me that night standing in the alley. The foal was also lying in the alley and Zip decided to take care of him as he stood by its side that whole night.”

Swindle said, “Tye was whining and you could tell that Zip was aware that something was wrong with him.”

The very next morning, Tye’s mom died but instead of being alone, he had a companion.

Zip was insistent on keeping this foal company as he cared for the poor foal with his loving presence. With Zip around, Tye was relaxed and happy all the time.

cattle dog cared for the poor foal with his loving presence

For the coming 6 weeks, Zip never let Tye out of his sight. Swindle says, “every time I would open the barn Zip was the first one that would greet his little companion. Every time I would come to the barn it would be Zip that would be standing at the door of the barn and wait as I got here. He was able to beat me to the barn every time.”

cattle dog love with poor foal

After a few months and a lot of care, Tye grew out to be a splendid horse and now he spends most of his days with his elder sister grazing in the pasture.

poor foal grew out to be a splendid horse

Swindle said, “The foal is not a little rough and as it tries to play with Zip, it kinda roars that keeps Zip away from him.”

Swindle said, “You could say that when foal needed him, Zip was there and now that Tye is alright, Zip knows that it is best to have distance from him.”

A Loving Picture of Zip with Tye

But now it seems to tat the experience with Tye has opened the heart of Zip as he has now taken another baby under his care. Swindle said, “Zip has now taken a liking to my granddaughter and every time she comes over, Zip directly goes to her. He treats her with the same love he treated the foal.”

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