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Vets warns pet owners to be careful of this household item

One morning when a woman named Maddie Smith woke up she noticed that her cat named Ruby was acting very strangely. As Ruby walked around, she was holding her head in a very strange manner which she had never done before.

Smith wrote in her Facebook post, “We first thought that she was doing this because she was feeling cold so I helped her be warm and nice and I left for work as usual.”

beautiful cat

What Maddie Smith did not know was that her cat was suffering from something that was an underlying Neurological issue. By the time her owner came from work, Ruby’s condition had already worsened and they immediately took her to the vet.

Smith further writes in her post, which has since then gone viral, “Vets, seeing Ruby were clearly were worried as they had determined that she had a neurological issue as she could not walk straight, could not hear anything or could not even drink or eat properly. The reason for all this because she could not function her tongue properly. All of her basic senses had been gone in a matter of 12 hours. She was so very helpless.”

cat sleep

Blood test reports came out that revealed that Ruby had very high levels of sodium in her blood. As for vets they were clearly stuck at a spot as to what Ruby was suffering from. After taking into account everything from Ruby’s diet to the time she had spent at Smith family home for the past 11 months, they only found one unusual thing.

Smith recalled something that Ruby had been quite interested in their decorative salt lamp placed in their living room. The poor cat had been licking the salt lamp for a few weeks and thus had gained toxic levels of sodium in her blood. This caused her brain to suffer greatly and to result in these neurological problems.

decorative salt lamp

After figuring out the problem, vets worked immediately to flush out the sodium from the cat’s body by feeding her fluids intravenously and also giving her potassium supplements. After a few days, her electrolyte levels began to turn normal and she was out of the bad condition.

salt lamp in bad condition

Smith is hoping that Ruby’s story might help other pet owners as cats are not the only pets that suffer from sodium poisoning.

cat rescued

As for the salt lamp at home, Ruby will no longer have to lick it because her mom got rid of it right after coming home.

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