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A sweet boy pays a special sweet visit to the neighbor’s cat that had been long misunderstood

Meet Ace, the cat who is special not only on the inside but also on the outside as well.

Cat on Table

Ace is a rescued kitty who after his rescue suffered from an eye infection that caused him to lose one eye. Despite having lost one eye, this has not affected the zest in the life of Ace. Still, his outward appearance has caused the neighborhood people too misunderstand this cat.

Ace’s owner named Norma Malkovich said, “Ace sometimes appears to be really scary and especially for the children. People are often very hesitating to greet him.”

However, Norma Maikovich soon learned that not everyone was afraid of Ace.

Cat in Safety

Ace spends most of his day outside laying in forint of the porch and for the security of Ace, Norma Maikovich set up a security camera to keep an eye on him. She was not aware that one day she would see a cute friendship of her cat with someone who was not afraid of Ace’s appearance.

Norma Maikovich said, “one day looking at the camera footage, we saw that a young boy tends to visit Ace nearly every day.”

As it happens to be, this young neighborhood boy has made a routine of his life to spend some of his day’s time with the seemingly scary cat. As for Ace, he clearly seems to adore him in this footage.

Below is one of the videos of the boy’s visit to Ace.

Norma Maikovich and her family were happy for Ace who has found himself a friend who loved him for who he really was.

She said, “We were so happy to not only see how much Ace loves this kid but also the way they were familiar with each other. Ace sitting in the door and seeing his friend come towards him and to see him rushing to greet him; all of it is just heart-melting and awesome.”

Boy Saves cat

Norma Maikovich met with the boy and told him that he does not need to be sneaky just to meet with Ace. She said, “A friend of Ace is our friend as well.”

As for Ace, he is certainly very happy to have his new friend over at his home.

Cat saves at home

Still, some people tend to shy away from Ace because he is simply different from normal cats.

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