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Employees make a shocking discovery in a plant wrapped in plastic packaging

Few of the Employees working at a local shop in Australia were unloading the store’s shipment of plastic plants for preparing them to be sold. This is when they made a shocking discovery that something inside one plant package was actually moving and it was something that should definitely not have been there in the first place.

As it happened to be a bat had somehow fallen into the Australian warehouse from the ceiling and fell right on top of a plastic plant and before it could fly away. The plant was covered in its plastic packaging. This left the poor bat to be trapped inside and it made all the way to the shop.

No one had any idea as to what they should do with this bat so they called out for a local bat rescuer at the since. The bat rescuer agreed to take the whole package and work on helping the bat be freed from its predicament.


The bat rescuer named Denise Wade said, “This is something you don’t see every day.” She says this line the video down below as she is observing the plant and the trapped bat side it and coming up with a way to help it.

 It was simple enough to free the bat by simply opening up the plastic packaging and lifting him out of it. The bat seemed a little confused but he was alright and did not seem to be hurt at all.


Wade said, “As he appears to be in good health and shape, we believe that he had been trapped in the packaging for not very long or perhaps since this morning.”


Later investigation revealed that a microcolony of this bat’s species lived on the ceiling off the Australian warehouse where plant packaging is carried out. Wade named the rescued bat Benjamin and decided to let him be in care for two days before setting it free once more with his family.


After three days of care and observation, Benjamin has been released and is now living once more with his family of bats.

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