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Animals That Are Masters of Camouflage

Nature has blessed some animals with the ability to blend in their surroundings for protecting themselves from their predators. On the other hand, there are also some animals who love to blend because they simply want to. All of us have seen pictures of pets doing crazy things in the house but what will happen if your pet decides to camouflage and you are not able to find it?

Today we have collected a list of animals that are masters of camouflage as they have managed to completely blend in with their surroundings.

So scroll down to have a look at these amazing animals that are masters of camouflage.

This owl has attained the perfect mastery of being Invisible

This dog has embraced its life as a carpet now

The Translucent tank fish are near impossible to spot when they are swimming in water

He was exactly aware of where he was sitting; it is just to confuse the owner

This is no Dalmatian, he is a Chameleon

There are actually 2 dogs in this picture

He is sitting with other dogs of his kind; oh wait, these are all towels!!!!

Can you spot the cat?

You might crush this little guy thinking of it as a leaf in your backyard

The golden plover hatchling appear as if they are a moss patch

Another perfect example of camouflage; these are the sheep sea slugs that blend perfectly with sea moss

This dog is the hide & seek champion; can you spot him out?

There are 18 displays but 1 of them is real, try spotting the real one; Good Luck for all day

The sneakiest and the freakiest centipede ever crawling on the sneaker

In snow, this dog goes Incognito

This pet hedgehog has perfectly matched with this carpet

This cat pretending to be a towel and succeeding

The cat that turned into a blanket

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