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A whole group of kind people stops the traffic on a busy street for one sweet reason

It is sometimes really hard to believe that all people are somewhat good at heart. But recently something happened on a busy street and the actions of a whole bunch of people actually served as a heartwarming reminder that, Yes, all people are kind at heart.


The incident happened when dozens of strangers all noticed that a wild duck family was stranded on the side of a busy street located in Glasgow, Scotland. To help this poor family in their predicament, all of them joined hands.

Few people joined their hands to form a line to block the street from the incoming traffic which also included one City bus filled with passengers. All the traffic also waited patiently for this little act of kindness. As for helping the little family of ducks cross the street, a woman took it upon herself to help them.

You can see the woman helping the Mama Duck and her 5 ducklings crossing the road in the video down below.

The video has gone viral ever since and one viewer commented on it saying, “So kind of the woman and all these people who helped to guard the duck family on their way to safety.” This video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and has put smiles on many faces.

Some people who saw the video also aid that this act of kindness has given them hope as pone commenter wrote, “This proves that in this cruel world, there is still some good. Bless them all.”


Little ducklings tend to stay with their mama ducks for at least 2 months before they fend for themselves alone in the wild. During these 2 months, it is important for these ducklings to stay by their mom’s side as she teaches them the right things to eat and also keeps them warm and dry.”

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