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Cyclists stopped for a tire change but then realized they had company

Having a flat tire during a beautiful ride down the dusty road is one of the joys of life which can be turned a little sour if suddenly the tire pops. It is undoubtedly a great annoyance but at least once it caused in a life to be saved.

If you do not believe us just ask Eduardo Reis.

Last year, Reis was with his friends pedaling their cycles for training on a quiet road located in his hometown of Brazil when someone in their party got a flat tire. All of them had to stop until the person who had a flat tire had his puncture fixed.

But what they did not know was that they were not alone there.

Cyclist Taking Selfie

On the side of the road, a place where they would have had never stopped coming out a dog who seemed to have been abandoned. The dog was spotted first by Reis and the dog was naturally very happy to see him as well.

Reis wrote on his social media account, “when the dog saw me, there was so much joy in his eyes. He jumped with joy.”

Below is the video of the moment as to what happened after that,

Instead of leaving the dog behind and struggle for his life as astray one, cyclists decided to give him a ride with them.

After the flat tire had been fixed, they started their journey again but this time Reis was holding the dog in his arms. The dog had been saved and he knew it.

Cyclist holding the dog in his arms

It was after that allowed Reis to actually help the dog but it was the kindness of his heart that made Reis help the dog all the way through.

Cyclist Sleeping with Dog

Reis fostered the dog until he could find a loving home for it. He fostered him for a while and finally found a family for him. It is crazy yet surprisingly good to just think that all of this started with nothing but a flat tire.

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