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Rescued Baby Dugong Gives Its Rescuers Big Hugs

A baby animal was rescued on the beach of Thailand after it was somehow castaway on the shore. The baby animal rescue has touched the heart of so many people after its rescue and there is a good reason for it.

baby animal was rescued on the beach

Mariam is the name of a little rescued Dugong which is a type of marine mammal that is related to the animal named manatee. The thing that made Mariam very popular after the rescue was her snuggling up with her rescuers even after it has been years since her rescue.

 little rescued Dugong

Mariam was only about 5 months old when she was separated from her mother by a mishap. There she was rescued by the caretakers of the Dugong habitat. Now Mariam is being taught how to swim in the river water near the Ko Libong Island. In addition to this Mariam’s rescuers also feed her by bottle special milk as well as give her some seagrass to munch on.


caretakers of the Dugong habitat

Mariam’s rescuers are going to give their help to her like this manner for almost one more year. Baby Dugong relies on their mother’s milk for nearly 18 months of being born. After that, they are able to swim out into the wild on their own.

Director of the Aquatic Animal Research Center at Chulalongkorn University named Nantarika Chansue, ‘She is attached to us very much.”

He further said, “She tries to swim around or cling to our boat as if it was her mother. And when we go into the water swimming, she would then come and tuck herself in our arms. She tucks in our arms as if she is tucking herself under her own mother.”

Dugongs Safe

Dugongs currently suffer vulnerability from climate changes as well as water pollution. If all of these were not enough, they now suffer from nets of fishing boats. As for Mariam, she has been very lucky to have fallen in good hands.

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