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A Cute Love Story Between Lola, a Golden Retriever, and Loki, A Staffordshire terrier

Nobody expects themselves to fell in love with the boy living next door to them. However, for Lola golden retriever, when she met with her next-door neighbor Loki, a Staffordshire terrier, there was an instant spark between them.

Lola moved with her mom named Amber Monte into their new home back in March at a place located outside of Surrey, England. The first one to greet Lola to her new home was none other than Loki. Loki’s yard was separated from Lola’s owner yard by a fence of wood. However, this wooden fence was not enough to let these two dogs not be known to each other.

Lola moved new Home

Monte said, “We have never before lived anywhere with dogs next door so clearly Lola was really happy to see another dog. Whenever Loki plays in the backyard, he would always jump up around the fence to see if Lola is there and almost every time Lola is also there.”

Monte first thought that this was nothing more than a friendship between the two dogs.  Monte said, “Lola would always jump at seeing Loki and would often give him a few licks on the nose. We only thought that both of them were only liking each other and that would be the end of it.”

friendship between the two dogs

Monte never imagined that Lola would have any real attachment to Loki because he was not like Lola’s normal type of dog. Monte said, “Lola is a very timid and shy type of dog. When she is around large dogs, she shies away. This is why we found it to be very odd that she is so well behaved around Loki.”

However, one month earlier, Monte started experiencing changes in Lola’s behavior. Lola started to whine a lot and was always preferable to spending time in the backyard. It was as if she was doing it all for Loki.

Lola Looks Towards her Friend

Monte said, “Whenever we allow her to be outside, the first thing that she would do is to jump up on the fence and look for Loki. If Loki is not there then she would simply sit down near the fence and would wait for him.”

Monte said, “a few times for past few months we have started to see Loki come into our garden and playing with Lola. Now whenever we let Lola pout in the morning, Loki is already in our garden waiting for her.”

see Loki come into garden

These two dogs have nothing more precious then the time they spend with each other.

Loki and Lola Playing

Monte said, “They are both so excited to see each other every single time. They jump around a lot, they run around and also they kiss each other a lot. When they are together, it seems as if they are inseparable.”

Loki and Lola have proven one thing that Love cannot be held apart by fences.

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