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Animals which are surprisingly poisonous

Everyone knows snakes and scorpions to be the primarily deadly poisonous creatures but there are still some very cute looking majestic creatures that pack quite a poison inside their bodies.  We have gathered some of the ordinary looking animals which are surprisingly poisonous.

Stone Fish:-

Stone Fish is one of the most poisonous creatures in the world. One wrong foot can be proven fatal to your life. Their powerful neurotoxin is present on the spines that line across their dorsal fins. Stepping on these spines can directly infect you with this neurotoxin and cause severe paralysis which can often lead to death.

Stone Fish

Slow Loris:-

Slow Loris is currently facing extinction threat because of its cute looking appearance and the fact that these eyes have medicinal properties. Slow Loris does not particularly have strong venom or neurotoxin indie their body otherwise they would not have faced threat of extinction. They have a toxin in their body secreting from their elbows which they lick and transfer by mouth to their young ones. This toxin only results in welling of the area when bitten by Slow Loris.

Slow Loris

Komodo dragon:-

The sheer appearance of Komodo dragon is frightening and on top of that it even has a powerful anomaly inside its body. Komodo dragon can grow up to 10feetsin length while weighing on average 150 pounds. Komodo dragon’s mouth contains at least trains of 57 different deadly bacteria’s. One bite from this animal can result in a horrible infection. They are also quite fast as they can run up to 12 miles an hour.

Komodo dragon

Blue ringed Octopus:-

Blue ringed octopus is a small in size and docile in nature creature. This octopus spends most of its time eating crabs and shrimps in the tide pools. If threatened, this docile creature which has dull colors at normal times it begins to show surprisingly bright blue color on its body. On average the size of this octopus is 5 to 8 inches but despite its small size, it contains a powerful neurotoxin which currently has no known anti venom. This neurotoxin can kill an adult human with a span of few minutes. Neurotoxins attacks motor functions, causing paralysis to lungs, after that cardiac arrest sets in due to absence of any oxygen.

Blue ringed Octopus

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