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Service Dog Has A Video Call With His Mom From Hospital And Gives The Sweetest Reaction

Meet Moxie, the service dog who is a very sweet girl with an aim to make the life of her mom easy every day.

From the day, Moxie and her mom Kate Harris met each other, they have been inseparable. Moxie even accompanies her mother to her work and has remained at her side ever since the first day.

Harris said to media, “Moxie helps me with everything and to have her has been truly a blessing. Quite often, when I bend for picking up things I either injure myself from dislocation or pass myself out from the high blood pressure problems. In those cases, Moxie picks up things for me like when I drop something or want to get my shoe or anything else for that matter.”

Harris actually suffers from a rare disorder named Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a type of connective tissue problem. Recently Harris had to undergo surgery for her problem to provide relief from her symptoms. Unfortunately for Moxie, this meant that she had to remain at the house for the time Harris spends at the hospital.

Harris knew that it would be quite difficult for Moxie but she really had no idea that this separation would cause the dog to feel so much lonely without her.

 the dog to feel so much lonely

Harris said, “I also hate being away from Moxie and especially for such a long period of time. When I was going to get to my rehab; I jokingly Facetimed Moxie. I had no idea that she would give any reaction.”

Being apart from her mom for 12 whole days, Moxie was clearly missing her mom and when she saw her mom’s face, she was clearly overjoyed even if it was on a screen of a smartphone.

Moxie saw her mom’s face on Mobile

Harris said, “She recognized my voice almost instantly and started to lick the phone. Seeing her like this, I teared up. I was not able to see her full reaction until my stepmother sent me the video of her whole reaction. I really believe that she was aware that it was me.”

You can also watch the video of the time when Harris Facetimed Moxie.

The very next day of the call, Moxie and her mother reunited and the pup was not shy to hide her excitement. Even the way they both met just shows how much Harris means to Moxie.

Moxie and her mother reunited

Harris understands as to how much of an impact does a service dog has on the people that need them and she is now raising money to gift other service animals.

Moxie childhood memories

Harris says, “I can say this for sure that Moxie has really saved me and I am really thankful for her all her help.”

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