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Cute Dog Sees A Wedding Parade in Mexico And Joins The Fun

At a street parade in Mexico, people were thinking that they were having a lot of fun earlier this month. However, they were in for a surprise when a dog joins in on the parade dance and showed everyone as to how to really celebrate an event.

In some parts of Mexico, there is a tradition that to celebrate a wedding, a parade must be held too. At that fateful day, that’s what the local villagers were doing. Dancers were all dressed up in special outfits and were moving around to provide entertainment and joy to the onlookers. There were giant puppets called ‘Mojigangas’ that are the representation of the Bride and the groom going down the street.

One of the many spectators was actually a black street dog. It seemed that the moment had inspired it as he decided to join the fun celebration.

Fortunately one of the spectators named Alan Gomez succeeded in capturing this amazing once in a life time moment on video camera. The video clearly shows that the playful pup came just out of nowhere and joined in the middle of the celebration performances. He started to imitate the dancers as he did his own special twirls.

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