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Boaters rescue an unexpected and exhausted animal from the middle of the Lake Michigan

Last week when a woman named Char Morse was going out for an early morning at the ride with her husband on Lake Michigan, both of them never expected in their wildest dreams that they would end up saving a precious life.

However, this was what exactly happened.

All of it started after the sunrise. Morse’s husband suddenly noticed something unusual bubbling from far amid the waves. Both of them deiced to move a little closer for a better look.

Sun Rises

Morse said to media, “My husband thought of it to be trash at first and whenever we see some garbage in the lake we scoop it out of it.”

However, what they found was actually an animal and an exhausted one at that.

This animal was an opossum that was struggling to even stay aloft. Seeing the poor animal in trouble, both Morse and her husband sprang into action.

Morse said, “We both were aware that this animal would most likely drown in water if we did not help it. Without having any discussion, he pulled the boat a little closer to the wall of the channel and then he tied a rope to one of the red floating seat cushions and then threw it near the animal.”

Below is the video of that moment when the Morse couple saved the possum’s life.

As for opossum he clearly seemed to have understood that he was being helped by these people so clutched on to the makeshift lifesaver as he was pulled on to the boat.

Finally, he was saved.

Animal Saved

After Morse couple took the furry guy to the shore, they set him free in the wild. Morse said, “as soon as we let him down on the ground, he ran away into the woods and I am sure that he has survived his life ahead.”

She said, “We just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I also know that there are some good people in the world who would have had done the same thing.”

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