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Rare Animals You Would be Lucky to Spot Even One of them

Since time immemorial, humans have been fascinated by the beauty of the animals. However, nature has been surprising the humans since the beginning of time to this day when it comes to animals. There are so many rare animals that you might have actually heard the name of single one of them.

Today we decided to share with our readers a few rare animals you would be lucky to spot even one of them.

The rare ‘Clouded Leopard’ is the state animals of the Meghalaya

In 2019, a photographer finally managed to photograph a Black Leopard in Africa first time in the past 100 years

The rainforests of New Guinea have Tree kangaroos living in them

Antarctica’s penguins Are not always in black and white color fur, sometimes they can be either completely white or completely black

An Albino Koala striking an amazing pose in the forest of Queensland, Australia

Przewalski’s horse or more commonly known as the Mongolian Wild Horse was once considered to be extinct from the world

A mutation gene in the American lobsters make them appear shiny blue

The ‘South China tiger’ can now only be seen at the zoos

This giraffe’s color has turned white due to a condition known as ‘Leucism’

The Gerp Mouse Lemur was discovered for the first time back in 2012

A rare genetic mutation results in some flamingos to appear as black instead of being the white or pink color

This is Lemur Frog and it was once common in Costa Rica

This is a one of a kind Golden Zebra that was photographed at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya

Another rare animal; a White Reindeer found in Norway

These are Sand Cats, they were once common in deserts but now they are quite rare to be seen

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