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Wacky Felines That Are Purposely Failing at Being Cats

Cats have proven themselves to be one of the best allies of human beings for centuries. They have taught humans a lot of things. These things that we learn from cats are so amazing that they make us wonder as to where these cats have learned them. Occasionally we come upon a cat that seems to think that they are a human.

Today we present a few cats who are not quite yet fully humans. So take a look at this list of wacky felines that are purposely failing at being cats.

Forget you ever saw me like this human, just forget it all

Hey human, can you turn this hot water tap on for me?

Don’t leave me alone tonight, Pretty Please

Hang in there little buddy

The CEO of Company Mr. Cuddles will be taking the bench

I need to teach this human a little something about sharing the blanket

Can you tell as to how many cats will it need to change 1 light bulb?

Hey no need to call the mechanic, I found the problem

These people have no manners, I am waiting for food over here

Ahh, a warm bed a warmer blanket is all you need in winter

Hey man, hurry up, we need to get some more of that Cat Nip stuff

Everybody needs a little buddy when they are sick

Hey friend lets hug each other

Can you please stop with the smooching and pass the chicken!!!!

If you are not going to help with the cleaning then leave

They seem like identical twins, NO!?!?!

Two dudes, 1 Pose

Sitting like a boss

Each of us have our own away to save a face

He just one of those lazy arse guys

Ahem, Can we get some privacy in here?!

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