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Adorable Photos that Prove Children And Pets Are Inseparable

It is a really nice feeling to have a friend by your side even if this friend has some fur and can’t even understand your language. It is a lot better if you have these friends when you are a child.

We love kids and the animals too and this is why today we present to you adorable photos that prove children and pets are inseparable.

This dog has realized that he is now not the only child in the house

The owner’s daughter and her pet sleep together like this everyday

A friend helping another friend sneak in

Cat and his best friend

The baby is not happy but he is trying to make the compromise for the sake of friendship

This kid is living the dream of many adults

A women’s baby was crying while she was in bathroom but by the time she came to check, the crying had already stopped. This is what she come to find

This 3 years old asked for a kitten for a Christmas present; they are now best friends form the first moment they met and are inseparable

The dog named Lucky was with its owner since his first day at Kindergarten to his Senior Year photo

Reading the cat a bedtime story

When I was younger, I used to take my cat for ’piggyback rides’ around the garage after school. He loved it.

A walking cloud and his little friends

The little girl friend of this rabbit built him a nice cozy bed

They seem so peaceful sleeping together

Owner looked for the cat everywhere and gave up, she came to check on her daughter and found this

If you hug one of them then you will hug each one of them

Fear not little buddy, I got your balloon

Friends showing off their beautiful smiles

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