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Firefighters rescued a dog that fell into an icy pond

On 29th November a bone-chilling incident happened in Ohio when a dog fell inside an icy pond.

Jillian Olsen made the call to Ohio’s Norton Fire Division on Thursday in which she told that her 7-month-old female Great Pyrenees puppy named Frankie has fallen inside an icy pond.


The brave firefighters who responded immediately came to the rescue of the dog. They posted the video of the whole rescue operations on their Facebook page.


Olsen before calling the firefighters tried to save the dog herself using a Kayak but after she failed to rescue the dog she called in professional help.


According to media reports, the firefighters came to the rescue equipped with specially designed cold resistant jumpsuits.

cold rescue

One brave firefighter named Dwayne Marty wearing this suit crawled across the pond to reach the dog that was stuck in the middle of the pond. Once Marty grabbed the dog, other firefighter pulled him and the dog back to safety.


After ten minutes, she was running like a puppy again. Thanks to the quick response of the Norton Fire Fighters, no dog or person was injured in this incident.


Watch the video of this recuse down below.

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