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Police finds a taped-up dog left on the side of the road; tracks the culprit and arrest him

Last month a dog was found by police officers all tied up in a ditch in Missouri on a cold night. He was left there with an intention to let him die but fortunately, the help arrived just in time.

If the luck of the dog prevails further, justice will also be served.



The Sheriff’s deputy of Jefferson County found the dog clinging barely to its life. The deputy found the dog on a routine night patrol at a ditch.  The pup was shivering from all the cold. As for why the dog could not escape was because, the heartless person who did this to him, had tied up his paws tightly with tape.

They ensured it that the dog must not have a way to live.



The dog, which after his rescue was named Jimmy, was sent for a checkup at the Ivan Animal Hospital.

The dog survived the devastating ordeal without any damage.

A video from the Sheriff’s department has been posted over social media which clearly shows Jimmy in healthy condition after his rescue.

The chances of police finding the culprit behind this heartless act were slim but they still cracked it somehow.

A spokesperson of the Sheriff’s department named Grant Bissell said to media, “the duct tape with which Jimmy was bound, was sent to the lab and they after hours of working on it found some fingerprints on the sticky side of the tape.”

These fingerprints led the police at the gate of a man named Paul Garcia. Garcia has been arrested by police for charges of animal abuse as he allegedly bound the dog with tape as well as tossed him in a ditch. 



The man is not the owner of Jimmy and currently, police are also looking out for Jimmy’s owners. As for Jimmy, he seems to be in good health and spirits. 



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