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Nicest Beluga Whale Returns The Phone Accidentally Dropped Into Sea By A Woman

A couple of weeks back in Hammerfest, Norway; a mysterious visitor came from the depths of the open waters. This mysterious stranger and a benefactor to one particular woman was a Beluga Hale which had a harness fitted around its neck.


Although very little is known about this mysterious Beluga Whale, it is speculated that it is a whale that had been trained by the Russian navy from whom it had defected. Since after being freed from its harness the whale was lingering the ocean waters nearby.


However, quite shockingly another great personality trait about this particular whale had been discovered. This whale appears to be quite a considerate one.


Earlier this week a girl named Ina Mansika was spending time in Hammerfest with her friends when she decided to go down to check out the waterfront in hopes of seeing this little ex-spy whale. It was then when something amazing happened to her.

The Beluga whale was there and even helped Ina Mansika when something happened to her.

Ina Mansika told media, “We were all lying down by the dock in hopes of having a chance to see the whale. We saw the whale and were hoping to pat it. I earlier forgot to close my jacket shut and because of it, my phone fell into the water. I assumed that it was now gone forever until the wale dove back after the drowning phone and came back up a few moments later with the phone held in its mouth.”


Below is the video of that amazing once in a lifetime moment which was posted by Ina Mansika on her Instagram account.

Ina Mansika along with everyone present was stunned at this act of consideration by the whale.


Still, unfortunately for Ina Mansika, her phone was inoperable due to the water damage but by that point, Ina Mansika did not care about the phone. She was moved by the hale’s compassion.

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