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These adorable dogs will steal your heart

When your dog asks you for a treat or tells you that it’s time to go for a walk, it can be really hard to resist. Are you able to say “no” to a dog that looks you right in the eyes? No? We feel the same way, so we just wipe our eyes, and do whatever these little creatures tell us to do.

We have collected some unusual dog photos for you. Be careful: they’re too cute! And yes, don’t forget to look into their eyes!

Scroll down to look for yourself at these adorable dogs that will steal your heart.

Nervous cadet reporting for duty

Nervous cadet

I haven’t met my new neighbor yet, but her dogs love me


Admit your heart melt when you saw this

heart melt

A golden retriever named Goose; so is he a Golden Goose now?!

golden retriever

A happy doggy at park

happy doggy

You can’t ever be seriously mad with these guys


Luke: destroyer of hearts and shoelaces


Patient of the day


Is this the cutest dog ever or what?

cutest dog

This dog likes to stick her head over the wall and look into the neighbor’s backyard


Sometimes, you need to look at the background! Just look at those eyes


Dog with a quirk of flirting

quirk of flirting

Cutest thing I saw on the internet today

internet today

Best hotel receptionist ever


Bella, the mesmerizing Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute

Don’t you see how thin I am! Feed me now!

Feed me

When your dog is prettier than you

dog is pretty

Am I not cute enough? How about this?


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