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These Foster Cats are so bonded that they hold each other’s paws

It is already hard to find a loving forever home for millions of homeless cats but to find a home for two cats that are inseparable is much harder.

However, the two cats that live in a foster home in Florida, they have made the message clear to everyone, that either they are going together or no one is going.


These cats show their love and affection for each other by holding paws.


The cats named Lily, a Siamese mix cat, and Rosa, a black kitten, from the beginning were destined to be each other’s best pals.


A foster of the St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Florida, named Andrea Christian told media, “When Rosa came to me; she was a very underweight and extremely sad cat.”


Christian said, “After few days of Rosa coming to me, I got another call about another kitten that was in ICU for a week. The cat was Lily who had been found by the side of the road in Tamp and by her condition looked as if a skeleton.”



Christian, who is a veteran foster for cats, started her loving work of taking care of these kittens and fostering them back to health all the while making them feel welcomed at her house.

After Lily had her antibiotic course finished, Christian decided to let Lily meet with Rosa.

Christian said, “It was love at first sniff.”


The black cat proved to be a good luck charm for Lily who still with the treatment was weak and had difficulty in walking. Christian said, “Lily was suffering from Toxoplasmosis.”

As for Rosa, she was undergoing her won hydrotherapy and both proved to be a source of strength for each other.

Now several weeks have passed since they first met and now they are inseparable. When one starts exploring its surrounding, the other one is following her from behind. When one of them lies down, the other lies down too.


While there love is adorable for everyone to see, these cats are facing a challenge of finding a forever home that will keep them both so they can also live together.


We hope sincerely for Lily and Rosa to find a home that will never separate their love.

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