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This dog has the sweetest reaction after he rips his favorite pillow accidently

Meet Draco, a pit bull dog who did not have an exactly most would call a comfortable life. However, through his tough times in life, he was helped by his favorite heart-shaped pillow.

Wherever Draco went, his pillow was not far behind from him. Allie O’Cain, Draco’s owner said, “If anyone tries to even pick up his pillow he would pounce right at them to grab hold of his pillow.”

However, recently, Draco’s prized pillow suffered a fate that would have left in being ended up in a trash can.


Draco considered the pillow as his most prized possession ever since he was rescued by O’Cain from a local shelter.

O’Cain said, “Draco is a heavy chewer of a dog and this why we have become a rubber toy only house. The reason is that whatever thing in house has stuffing in it, it will be chewed to shares by Draco is mere minutes. However, he is very gentle with his pillow.”

Recently, when Draco’s friend a black Larboard named Willow came over and tried to share his pillow, things got a little messy. Draco rushed over at Willow to take hold of his pillow and in doing so; he ripped the pillow in shreds. Soon the stuffing started to bleed out of the pillow.

Luckily for Draco’s his owner’s mother was there and saw everything. She decided to help the poor Draco.


Draco’s owner’s mom took the pillow to her sewing machine and started the emergency surgery on it. Draco was standing by her side during the whole process.


O’Cain said, “the entire time, my mom was doing sewing, Draco was standing on his paws and had his head peeked over. He was also whining the whole time. He acted as if his own wife was in surgery.”


As soon as the sewing was done, Draco rushed over to cuddle with his pillow and nothing could be better than to see the look of joy on his face.


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