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Family Dog Pulls Her Brother Out Of Car After The Car Crashes Into A Tree

After when the elder sister of a boy named Isaiah Lenotte left home for college, he started to be closer to their family dog; a pit bull named Athena, who was also upset about her sister leaving for college. Both of them found comfort in each other’s presence and they started to spend more and more time together and by each passing day became closer to each other.

Last week, Lenotte decided to go on a fishing trip and take Athena with him. Both of them spent a wonderful time together as they relaxed and bonded until they finally headed for home. They were driving happily back home when suddenly Lenotte started to feel a little faint. Before Lenotte could notice as to what was happening to him, his car started to steer off road and crashed into a big tree.

Lenotte said to media, “it was not until I completely backed out that I hit the car. After I woke up, the car was filled with smoke and it was already half in the watery ditch. I then tried to get out of the car, thinking it was on fire.”

Lenotte knew that he needs to get out of the car along with Athena as soon as possible. However, due to his bruise, even slight movement was a trouble for him. That is when Athena took matters in her own hands or should we say in her own paws.

Lenotte said, “I opened the door on the rear right of the passenger side and was then pulled out of the car by Athena. Her leash slipped out as she was trying to pull me out of the car. Nonetheless, she stayed by my side no matter how bad she or I wanted to get away from the car.”

Both of them managed to get away from the car and then Lenotte called for help to his parents. Soon his parents arrived on the scene. Lenotte’s mom tired to tuck Athena away in the trunk of her car to keep her away from all the commotion but she was not done helping her brother.

After when the paramedics arrive on the scene was Athena finally able to leave her brother so he could go to the hospital for being checked.

Lenotte said, “she was unfazed by all the people around us and was only busy in comforting me as I was also comforting her. Still, she seemed to be aware that everyone was there to help us.”

Luckily Athena was unharmed in the crash and was taken back to the home until Isaiah came back home from the hospital.

Now Isaiah is back home all safe and sound and Athena seems to be overprotective of her brother as she now stays even closer by him.

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