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Man petting a lion ends up with a horrific injury on arm

No matter how tame the wild animals like big cats seem, they are still wild animals in their nature. Many of the world’s zoos or private enclosure and their videos make it seem as if these deadly predators are nothing but the cute oversized kittens. All of this has led to some people letting their guard down when around these big cats.

One of the life-threatening reminders that these big cats are not that cute or docile as many might think has happened to a 55 years old man named Pieter Nortje who lives in SA Truck Bodies in Bloemfontein. He was with his wife visiting the Tikwe River Lodge located in Virginia, South Africa as a part of their 10 years wedding anniversary.


A man got mauled by a lioness as he tried to pet it in South Africa.


Both Pieter and his wife were given a guided tour to the game lodge in South Africa.; Pieter decided that he needs to get close to the lions for petting them. When the 55 years old stuck his hand forward the fence and touched one of the felines, one lioness suddenly bit onto his arm and even started dragging him inside.


Prior to the accident, his wife was recording the moment which turned deadly. In the video, Pieter can be heard saying to lion, “If you bite me then I am going to bite you back”. The first lion responded well to the petting but in seconds the whole thing changed when the lioness came from behind and grabbed Pieter’s arm in her jaw.


According to reports, the teeth of lioness dug deep into Pieter’s flesh and near his bone. She held on to the arm for a couple of seconds. His wife then started to scream, it is biting, it is biting. The lioness then let go of the arm and Pieter was transferred to the Katleho Hospital located in Virginia. As per the latest reports, Pieter is suffering from a septic shock and his condition is serious.

Watch the video of the deadly attack down below.

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