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Amazing Video Shows A Border Collie Saving A Chihuahua About To Be Hit By Car

They say that animals have a keen sense of awareness when it comes to a dangerous situation. This fact is mostly true for the dogs who have proven to be quite capable in such situations. They are not loyal but also one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. They are excellent pets and prove to be man’s best friend. Since time immemorial, dogs have been made pet thanks to their quick thinking and awareness in dangerous situations. There have been numerous incidents in history when dogs made use of their keen sense of awareness to avert a tragedy that was about to transpire.

A tragedy was averted and it was all thanks to the quick thinking of a dog.


An amazing video has been circulating virally on the internet which shows a small dog who was about to be crushed by a car that was reversing and then the act of heroism from another dog that saved his life. Both the adorable pup and his owner, they were unknown to the fact that the reversing car was about to hit him which could have proven deadly.

However, fortunately, for both of them, there was someone on the scene who noticed the things.

With only a few seconds to spare, a brave Border Collie dog, which realized the coming tragedy rushed in to save the cute pup.

While there are some other additional details about the video, there is no dispute in the amazing awareness of the situation by the Border Collie. The driver was relief that the sudden intrusion from the dog saved her cute pup. Though she really needs to be careful in the future.

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