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Nellie; The Hero Foster dog who saved her foster mom from a rattlesnake

Nellie was never called brave by anyone before in her life until a few weeks ago. Before that, Nellie was described with adjectives such as protective, shy or fearful.

However all of that changed for 5 years old Nellie, the Pitbull when she decided to save her foster mom Jane Taylor from a rattlesnake during their hike on the Texas state park.

Nellie was rescued by the Final Frontier Rescue Project when she was only 1 year old from a shelter in California. She, from there, went from one shelter to another and 6 months ago, she made her way to Taylor.


When Nellie reached her foster home, she was easily scared by loud noises and unfamiliar animals as well as people. She was also protective of her toys and was sacred when other people touched her. however, under the care of Taylor, she started to become normal.


Finally, one day back in March, she showed everyone as to how much she has really grown.

Taylor said, “We went hiking on a big rocky dome and on our way back to our car, we chose a way that was not normally used by hikers. I did not saw the rattlesnake but only heard its hissing. I stopped in my tracks and started screaming.”

Taylor added, “Nellie came running from behind and before I could do anything, she was on top the rattlesnake. It seemed like Nellie was saying to me in her own way, ‘don’t worry mom, I got this one.”.

The fight did not go on for long as Nellie was bitten on the face. A friend of Taylor came and threw their jacket on the snake and threw it far away from Nellie.

Nellie after being bitten refused to walk and was picked to the car by Taylor and her friend.


Taylor said, “I knew that I had to get her to the vet as soon as possible.”


Nellie was treated at the vet with 2 vials of antivenom and was given antibiotics were given for the wound. She was put to rest and thanks to a quick treatment she is now healing fast.


Now that Nellie is on her way to full recovery, she will be up for adoption to find her forever loving home.


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